Varun Jewalikar


I’m a software engineer with 5 years of experience of delivering backend systems and large scale image/audio/text processing systems. I learn the right tool for a job.



Backend engineering, machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, audio analysis, web scraping, rapid prototyping.


Python, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS, C, AWS, Mongodb, Flask, Scikit-learn, Linux, Git, Bash.


English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Marathi.


Software Engineer, Amazon

2017 - Present
London, UK

I design, implement and maintain high traffic services (200000 requests/sec) for Amazon Video. These services are deployed on a mix of AWS and Amazon internal infrastructure.

Designs done by me have saved $2M YoY.

Java, Javascript, Python, Spring, DynamoDb, Cloudformation, Ec2, AWS IoT

Consultant and tutor

Oct - Dec 2016
London, UK

I consulted/taught Python, machine learning, natural language processing and software engineering to professionals and students.

Software Engineer, Stylezz

Mar - Oct 2016
London, UK

I designed the backend for this shopping app. I prototyped deep learning based clothes categorization and image-image search system to improve discovery.

Python, MongoDb, Flask, Scikit-learn, Caffe, Ec2, Elastic beanstalk

Software Engineer, Musixmatch

2014 - 2016
Bologna, Italy

I did audio/lyrics/data analysis projects, collaborated with researchers, hired/supervised interns and made features for products.

I made data driven articles which been featured in The Guardian,, etc. Other research projects: mood prediction, improving lyrics sync, detection of new releases from Youtube and instrumental song detection.

I travelled to 20 hackdays, demonstrated our APIs, helped hackers and built things.

Python, Javascript, MongoDb, Scikit-learn, Flask, NodeJS, Webpack, NLTK, Ec2

R&D trainee, Yamaha Music

Sep - Dec 2013

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer. I used ML to improve phonetic segmentation for the creation of new singing voices for Vocaloid.

Python, Scikit-learn, Git


Apr - Jul 2013
Barcelona, Spain

I was a Google Summer of Code intern for Mixxx which is an open source DJ-ing software written in C++. I added key detection, tempo independent pitch shifting and harmonic mixing for DJs.

C++, Qt, Git


Apr - Jul 2010
Delhi, India

I was a Google Summer of Code intern for Beagleboard which is a low-power single-board computer by Texas Instruments. I wrote a high level interface for Pulse width modulation via the output pins.

C, Git


M.S. in Sound and Music Computing, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2011 - 2013
Barcelona, Spain

Selected courses: Audio & music processing, Music perception & cognition & Machine Learning.

Thesis: Improving automatic phonetic segmentation for creating singing voice synthesizer corpora.

B.E. in Computer Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering

2006 - 2010
Delhi, India

Thesis: A novel parallel clustering algorithm implementation with CUDA.